Our Story

It’s hard to say when the beginning of this dream to create a family farm first began. In truth, none of us really remembers exactly when we first started talking about it. In some ways the love for the dirt has probably always been in our blood. From the backyard fruit trees of my mother’s childhood as a Missionary Kid in the Philippines, to the acre garden my father and his parents tended for themselves and anyone in need in their community in North Carolina, to the backyard gardens of my own childhood—the love of the dirt, the love of good food, and the desire to share both those things with others has always been central to our lives both together and apart. But for the longest time, we had no idea where those desires would lead.

“This place is really special. You guys have to buy it.”

It was October of 2020, and Luke and Julie Morton-Yates were visiting from Montana, when Joy checked her real estate listings and saw an interesting property for sale in Elizabeth, Colorado. Thirty-two acres of rolling hills and meadows, mature trees, a creek, and multiple springs—there was something immediately compelling about this piece of land and the beautiful, but in-need-of-love, house standing at the top of the first rise.

By Thanksgiving, Allan and Joy Morton had moved into their new home, and the mutual dream of Further Up Farms began to take root. Willy and Grace had planned to move to Elbert County in the Summer of 2022, but when the perfect house came on the market in July of 2021, they didn’t let the fact that they had newborn twins stop them from making a move towards this crazy dream. And so it was that in the Spring of 2022, Further Up Farms had its first test garden. And much to everyone’s surprise and delight, by August of 2022, the Morton-Yates clan had also moved to the Elizabeth area from Montana, with hopes to become more involved with the farm as well.

This farm is a dream, and it’s still coming true. Be sure to check out our blog to continue reading about our story of being a small, organically grown, multi-generational family farm in the heart of Elbert County Colorado.