What is a Market Garden?

What is a Market Garden?

A Market Garden is a smaller scale model of agriculture which produces a wide variety of offerings in a relatively small space. As opposed to larger monoculture or more industrial farming practices, a Market Garden is typically grown using more manual techniques. Market Gardens typically sell directly to consumers (like you!) through formats such as Farmer’s Markets, road side farm stands, or Community Supported Agriculture arrangements.

Additionally, our Market Garden here at Further Up Farms is pesticide and herbicide free, and you will hear us use the term “organically grown”, which simply means we do our best to employ sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, without going through the process of being certified organic. This allows us to keep our prices more reasonable, and saves us a load of cash and paperwork. 😉

Want to learn more about our Market Gardening practices? Feel free to contact Grace Kelley, our Community Liaison, with any questions. Maybe someday you can even come out for a little visit. 😉

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