What do we mean by Sustainability?

What do we mean by Sustainability?

Now we know sustainability can be a bit of a buzzword, so we wanted to take a moment here and explain to you what Sustainability means to us here at Further Up Farms. More than just some vague commitment, to us sustainability means:
  1. Caring for our environmental resources—this means, farming in a way that cares for and replenishes the soil we are using, not depleting it.
  2. Working in a way that promotes mental health and avoids burnout—we work together as a team, each doing what we do best, and always reminding each other that rest is a necessary part of work.
  3. Providing a service to our local community—because in times such as these the closer your food is, and the fewer resources needed for that food to get to you, the better. This cuts waste, and unnecessary expense, while also keeping your food optimally fresh, and nutrient dense.

Here at Further Up Farms, we are always working towards sustainability; because as with any industry, if you want to be able to continue to do things to the high quality standards you have set for yourself, you have to maintain a sustainable system in which you and your business can continue to thrive.

And sustainability is part of our mission for our customers too—because good food sustains us all.

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